Text 7 May 1 note Tyrannosaurus arms were wimpy

Tyrannosaurus forelimbs look small compared to their bulky bodies and massive skulls, but the appendages were not as weak as they might appear. The arms of Tyrannosaurus were stout and heavily-muscled, so much so that the dinosaur could probably flex an excess of 430 pounds with each arm. No human bodybuilder can match that. And, if we’re going to tease any dinosaur for small arms, Carnotaurus is a more apt target. In the arms of this carnivore, the bones of the lower arm, wrist, and hand are compressed into a short skeletal stack attached to a flexible upper arm bone. IfCarnotaurus wanted to attack another dinosaur with its arms, the predator’s forelimbs would have only been able to do ineffectual pinwheels.


Take that, small arm haters!

Photo 7 May 2 notes They died having sex

They died having sex

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Photo 7 May 10 notes Dino plushies!!!

Dino plushies!!!

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Photo 7 May 8,856 notes Nooooo why?

Nooooo why?

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Photo 7 May 10 notes Reeeee!


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Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur